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HI. Im a girl who lives in planet earth. Online at least 10 hours a day monday to friday. and a few hours during weekends. Love to browse and read stuffs that interest me. Loves to read profile page. (Im a stalker that way..). Emo. Loves seeing people play musical instruments. Loves intelligent, wicked and dorky people. Loves to travel.

Arashi is my happy pill. Ninomiya Kazunari will be the death of me. <-- ♥♥♥ Aiba Masaki is the kindest person in the world. Is envious of Ohno's talent and would love to switch place with him. (ohmiya-sk!).Love Jun Matsumoto's Dos character. Love Sho Sakurai's brains and leadership attitude.

I dont post much. But can be found anywhere commenting in somebody else's blog.