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If you accidentally stumbled on this page, my question is.. WHY?

But since you are already here. Let me introduce myself..

Im a simple girl who lives in planet earth. Im a human and I love anything Japan.

I love anime since I was little and secretly hoping I'm Japanese.

I love Arashi but I neglected them for so many years... and I want to smack myself for doing so.

Arashi is my happy pill. Ninomiya Kazunari is my ultimate bias. Aiba Masaki is the kindest person in the world. Is envious of Ohno's talent and would love to switch place with him. (ohmiya-sk!). I Love Jun Matsumoto's concert ideas and wishes I can direct a concert like him and lastly, I would do anything if I can have Sho Sakurai.

I dont post much. But can be found anywhere and everywhere downloading arashi stuff and wishing nobody kicks me out of the community for being a lurker. Welcome to my world. :)